The Indian Head Test Card, an iconic image for the young television-viewing public throughout the 1950s and later, will essentially no longer have a medium on which to broadcast, if it ever were to be broadcast at all. With the advent of the digital television revolution and the declining need in physical camera test cards, items like the Indian Head card fell into disuse, and with the switch to all-digital transmission just around the corner, it appears as if the Indian Head test card, long a staple of early-morning or late-night television, will find itself in the ashheap of history.

"The original art work [for the Indian Head Test Card] was completed for RCA by an artist named Brooks on August 23, 1938. The master art was improbably discovered in a dumpster by a wrecking crew worker as the old RCA factory in Harrison, NJ was being demolished in 1970. The worker kept the art for over 30 years, and then used the Internet to locate and sell it to a test pattern collector."

-- Image and quote courtesy Wikipedia.